New College Information Page Design

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So, what is this about? High school is starting, and I have to frequently visit the website where our school information is stored. However, look at the first image, the actual website's sidebar, I couldn't bear its terrible (for me) look after seeing it so many times.

New College Information Page Design-第1张图片-Celia的博客

The designer of the webpage probably want to make the website look like material design, but the result was not quite of a material design project. As a result, I decided to redesign it in material design (well the background behind the sidebar is a screenshot).

New College Information Page Design-第2张图片-Celia的博客

New College Information Page Design-第3张图片-Celia的博客

Looks better right? Hope that the real Information page could be redesigned someday. For myself, I could only use my photoshop skills and wish so. I will not have so much time to spend on changing (or learn to change) this design into the real code.

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