Two years ago in 2017, I moved to Singapore. I did not know much about the internet, nor things like links, websites, blogs. I did not even know what chrome is, as everything like Google, Facebook, Twitter were (and are) blocked in China. I am not saying that blocking these sites is bad. In fact, it prevents lots of cyber issues in China. It's just that when I look back, I find my internet knowledge to be so limited.

The first time that I decided to make a website was in 2017. I made to friends at school, Maggie and Jingyu. We were doing a project or something together, and I suddenly wanted to share my ideas on a webpage. I was thinking like: Wow, it will be so cool if I put everything that I wanted to say in a link, and then just put that link in the group chat! So I did. It wasn't even a website I made. It was a function of the website 360 doc that wasn't meant to be used like that. Anyway, but that was the time that I had an idea of making a website.

Months after, at the beginning of 2018, I was planning to go on a skiing trip to Switzerland. I already knew what a website is, and I decided to share my experiences in Switzerland with others through a website that is made by me. I started researching, going through the free website making platforms. I chose google sites, at last, making my first website in my life. [Click here to go to that old site]

From then on, I started to make a lot of pages on my website: http://sites.google.com/site/liangchuxintravelling. It was pure text editing and add images through the instruction of google sites first, just like what I did in Microsoft Word, and then, once, I met a difficulty. I was trying to add a PDF document into the website, but google sites only supported adding in google documents. There was an important reason for me to add in that PDF, so I researched and researched, finally I found a way - adding a bunch of codes into the "Edit Html" function in Google sites (I did not know it back then but it was actually just iframe). This little incident, however, had a really big impact on me. It opens the door to coding for me, as I discovered this huge new world: html. I play around with it a lot, seeing the lines of code turning into colors, text, buttons. Dipping deeper and deeper helps me to get to know more about front-end coding.

After writing more and more journeys on the google sites site, I found my space for images isn't enough anymore. I also got tired of hand-write URL for the pages and do the formatting stuff, so I went researching again and found out: Oh, the thing that I wanted to make is a blog, not a website. Based on the costs, I chose google blogger as the platform for blogging, and my hobby of  blogging starts.

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