A Week at a Coding Camp: Intro to Coding for Machine Learning

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In the past week (July 1 to July 2), I participated in a coding camp organized by the ID Tech organization called "Intro to Coding for Machine Learning". I found the camp so exciting. I have learned to code before, but never with other students or a formal teacher (Dad taught me C and Python before). The first few days of the camp was about the basics of the basics, as some people in our class are beginners. Although I learned things that I have learned before in the first few days, I did many interesting projects. We made some small games such as Hangman and Tic Tac Toe, BattleBots that can compete with each other. We also did some bigger project like basic Machine Learning with a self-built Neuron Network and TensorFlow (though I did not really know what the difference is between these two). I will continue to learn Machine Learning in my next camp the week after next week. What I am going to show here is some interesting projects that I did.

Below is the Hangman Game in Python, which is my second favorite project:
Run it by pressing the green button.

This is still considered as an easy one (actually it is extremely easy. Lol I spent 1 hour on this).

Another game, my favorite, is the Tic Tac Toe Game:
PLEASE RUN IT! This is not just a code display!!!
This program is much longer and has included the use of class, loops, and methods. I actually felt so proud of myself as a beginner after seeing this works, with no errors when I play it with my mum. (Mum was like: "Is this what you learned for the whole week? There's nothing special about it!", thinking: "There are much better ones on the web!") Dad (Programming as his first job after his graduation) was kind of surprised for what I have done (and confused how I could make so many errors). Anyway, I like these games a lot and if you want to have a try, please try here:

Despite these, we also have lots of happy memories at the id tech camp!
People in Songbird's class!
Try to code on the first day.

Playing a game called "Coup" at lunchtime. The game was really fun, involving strategies like lying and bluffing.

Outdoor activity time!

Running like mad.

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